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HBD: Meditation at night by Hyuuga-me
HBD: Meditation at night
Hi there everyone! Long time no posting ;)

I've busy with school and everything, so I haven't been able to really post anything. I'm still a little active here every once and a while. So today I got my new tablet Wacom intuos pen and touch and I couldn't resist to draw something, so I made a late gift for my lovely friend Risa :heart:

I have never done as much softshading before, so I quite like it ;) :heart: 
Hope you have a great day :heart:

Shoichi (the character) belongs to the great :iconhebi-no-majo:
Hi there, Long time no see/write (I guess? XD) This is just a little rable :´D Hope you mind :heart:

I have been away from Deviantart for quite a while now. Well, I haven't been gone, I just decided not to be as active here as I was before. Along with starting on a new school, where I basiclly live there, there is around 140 people around me almost 24/7. Therefore I don't have a lot of time able to spend on DA. I have been checking here every once in a while, since it is personally very calming for me to look through all of this stunningly amazing art flowing around on this social media consern. 

Then I read through some of my old comments (I am SO sorry for not appling! I apoligize from the bottom of my heart ) and I just came to realize how many lovely people this community existist of. I have met a whole lot of friendly and nice people, who are not only amazing artists, but also some of the funniest and greatest people I have ever written with! Many people are VERY generous. Seriously, I don't get why someone would even mind drawing something for me or commission something, which involves my charcters, when I'm not even here!

I know there are a lot of bad people out there too, but I just wanted to give a shout out to all of those great people out there :) :heart: You have deffinatly changed my day :heart: Thank you for being you :heart:

I can't name all of you, but here are some of those who have made a big inpact on my life here on DA:

:iconhebi-no-majo: :iconkura-kairai: :icondreamchaser21: :iconnejirenji15: :iconbakanogabi: :iconmandarain-a: :iconramonachan:

And so many others :heart: Hope you have an amazing day :heart: 
Hi there guys :wave: :heart: 

So tomorrow I will head of to the 10th grade. I'll live on my school, while I learn and all. So because if that I may not be as active on dA as I have been. I don't know how it'll be, but at least the first week on the school I cannot come on the interwebs, since my mobile is going to be taken :´D


Love you guys :heart: :iconbaibaiplz:
WARNING!: I would only recommend those who cares about my feelings to read this. It is just a big mash up of everything that is bothering me right now. I am a huge mess sitting in front of my computer and cries a lot since I have had so much on my shoulders lately....

You know, there is times when everything is just a piece a sh*t. I feel like sh*t atm....

I have had a quite ruff time lately. 

First of all, a guy decided to manipulate with my feelings. This goes back to last christmas. He decided to flirt with me and I think he knew I quite liked him and then he just played with my feelings, discriminated me and other females for that matter, made me feel bad about myself including my appearance and made fun of me in a hurtful way. Still today he is just rubbing it into my face.... 

Secondly, I got some weird childrens disease, where my face just looks like an absolute mess, meaning I have open infected wounds on my face, which hurt quite a lot. Don't worry, I have been to the doctors and I am on medicine. I know it may be such a lame way to react and all, but having all these wounds just makes me feel horrible and brings back bad memories. On top of that, I feel like I have been punched in my face at least a thousand times right now....

Thridly, I just feel small. Not because I am, since I'm not. I am 178 cm, so it's not that. It's more in the mental/personal manner. Almost no matter what I do, I just feel like I need to handle it on my own, but I end up with doing or saying something stupid and it makes me feel like such a little person. The worst is that I overthink everything, so I take something very small quite big (of course not everything, like I don't care about someone I don't like's opinion, They can go f**k themselves, since I won't change for them!) 

I know there's really nothing to complain about. There is so many others who have to deal with stuff there is so much worse, like death, abuse and etc. but this is my problems, which I have to struggle with. Right now these things are just a little bit too much for me to handle. I know it'll be better at some point. 

Now, I'll go cry my eyes out.....

I just had to write it out...... Hope you understand... and deal with typos...
Hi there everyone...

So, my tablet decided not to work anymore ; A ; 

It is also very old. I guess around 5 years.. but it suddenly doesn't won't to work when I plug it in

it is a Wacom ctf-420 and I love it, but it annoys me, since it doesn't work :iconotlplz:

I should get a new one... If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments 

Love from Nana :heart:

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:iconawwwplz: Hello there! Thank you for the watch dear! ;//3//; your ocs are lovely
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Well thank you too!! :heart: Thanks a lot!
I REALLY like your ocs as well :iconcuteplz:
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;A; ey deary, long time no see. Had kind of been waiting to see you on skype but I think I missed you every time you came on.
wondering how its going! everything doing alright?! <333
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Thank you for the fav
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA :iconcatsnugplz: 


I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! :iconsupertighthugplz: 
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Happy Bday hun~
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Oh god I almost forgot about it! D: Happy birthday, dear! Have a nice day today, even though I doubt you'll read this :XD:
:iconslowhugplz: I hope you can come online again soon! Good luck with everything you are planning to do in the future :heart:
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